To save our citrus, we need to work together. That means knowing the facts about citrus diseases and getting the word out to others. If we don’t protect our citrus, that cup of juice you drink with your breakfast, the beautiful lemon tree in your yard, and the curry you use to add zest to your cooking might not be there in the future.

For citrus buyers, it means not moving citrus plants or plant materials out of a regulated area and buying gift citrus fruit or trees only from shippers that are in compliance with federal quarantine restrictions. Commercial fruit packers, Internet shippers and roadside vendors within regulated states should be able to prove their product complies with regulations to save our citrus. For citrus owners and growers, it means inspecting your citrus plants regularly and reporting it immediately if you detect an infected plant.

Communication is the key and you have a variety of resources at your disposal. Review the toolkit for resources to learn more and share information with others. See below for additional resources:


Additional Resources

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